Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up, Down, and Omni-directional

Today has been quite the strange day. Yesterday was fine: work, ballroom dance party. Today, I almost didn't make it to PT (my gf's father forgot I had an appointment this morning but he was kind and still gave me a ride). But I did have to catch a cab back home, wolf down lunch #1, acupuncturist, miss bus #1, lunch #2, miss bus #2, and had to crutch into work. Then, I had to deal with lease stuff for Scav, and the my group has a visitor so that took up the following four hours. Meanwhile, my crutches were having issues so I had to get some stuff to make them not slip out from under me. Just absolutely hectic. Now to pack for Scav. And do work. And be at work early tomorrow. Ugh.

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