Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conferencification and Puerto Rico

Work has caused some definite stress in me lately. I have helped my advisor organize this conference we have in town this upcoming week. I have done more and more as I continue to see things that need to happen in order to ensure a smooth operation. PLUS, I somehow need to finish enough research so that I can create a poster and get it printed in the next few days - a doable task though containing much work.

Last night, I had one of my roommates and some friends from ballroom dancing come over and play some board games. I lost a game of RoboRally (took second) and won a game of Puerto Rico (my girlfriend should have triggered game end one round earlier when she had a clear lead). This game though, I truly learned the importance of money as a built a factory, which gives money during the production phase. I managed to get all five resources producing meaning I received a hefty sum of money. I think I might try to get a Wharf in the next game.

As for my leg, I am definitely improving, but I still cannot really walk. I tired on my dance shoes and they fit comfortably! Even on my bad / swollen foot. I hope to restart dancing when Summer lessons start up. Yes, that will take some money and some time, but I want to dance again!

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