Friday, May 1, 2009

Inaugural Posting

I have no more time. But I want to stay in touch with people. So here's the deal. I will start writing about me and I assume you care about me enough to read this. You read this, you'll know what's going on (provided you know some of the code so you can decipher what I write - boo cyberstalking).

Regardless, for those of you who know or do not know, I broke my leg on my Golden Birthday just over two months ago. After surgery and recovering from the painkillers, I still hobble around. I went to the office for the first time today - I thought that this would be wonderful. I could finally have the ability to concentrate better on my work. Well, my leg acted up a few times forcing me to prop my leg up on my desk. I also spoke with my advisor who gave me two not so great choices:
  • Work extra hours this summer to make up for lost time
  • Take the summer off in terms of getting paid but still keep working
Not thrilling. But, it looks like a way forward....

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