Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conferencification and Puerto Rico

Work has caused some definite stress in me lately. I have helped my advisor organize this conference we have in town this upcoming week. I have done more and more as I continue to see things that need to happen in order to ensure a smooth operation. PLUS, I somehow need to finish enough research so that I can create a poster and get it printed in the next few days - a doable task though containing much work.

Last night, I had one of my roommates and some friends from ballroom dancing come over and play some board games. I lost a game of RoboRally (took second) and won a game of Puerto Rico (my girlfriend should have triggered game end one round earlier when she had a clear lead). This game though, I truly learned the importance of money as a built a factory, which gives money during the production phase. I managed to get all five resources producing meaning I received a hefty sum of money. I think I might try to get a Wharf in the next game.

As for my leg, I am definitely improving, but I still cannot really walk. I tired on my dance shoes and they fit comfortably! Even on my bad / swollen foot. I hope to restart dancing when Summer lessons start up. Yes, that will take some money and some time, but I want to dance again!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicago x2

I have gone to Chicago for the past two consecutive weekends.  The first time was Scav Hunt.  It was AMAZING as always.  Quite tiring through, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you haven't come to Chicago to play for my team, why not?  What are you doing next mother's day weekend?  I do not have time to go on a long rant / ramble about Scav because that will be pages and pages of text.  My personal favorite item:  Playing Settlers of Catan on a board where the tiles were at least two feet across.  You had to walk across the board.  Pretty awesome.

This past weekend, I returned to Chicago.  My girlfriend wanted to go to the Green Festival held at Navy Pier and so we went.  The best thing about it for me were A) all of the tasty vegetarian food and B) this amazingly comfortable non-toxic / organic memory foam bed that was wonderful to sleep on but at least $2000.  I stayed with a friend from College for both nights and we saw Star Trek together with a group of people in downtown Chicago.  On Sunday today, I met up with a group of friends / acquaintances from Madison (and elsewhere) for food at Reza's, a Persian restaurant in Andersonville.  It was tasty (as usual) but too expensive for what they had.  After some shopping around West Rogers Park and Skokie, my girlfriend and I went to visit a friend of hers in Mt Prospect.  I picked up the game Puerto Rico for the evening entertainment, so for those of you around, we can play that now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scav Hunt

I am rejoining the Hunt tonight. I can start to taste it again. It is weird that I can taste antici...pation. Follow us over at and please please help the team. Unless of course you're a judge or were too closely affiliated with Scav-Cabal to enable you to play.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up, Down, and Omni-directional

Today has been quite the strange day. Yesterday was fine: work, ballroom dance party. Today, I almost didn't make it to PT (my gf's father forgot I had an appointment this morning but he was kind and still gave me a ride). But I did have to catch a cab back home, wolf down lunch #1, acupuncturist, miss bus #1, lunch #2, miss bus #2, and had to crutch into work. Then, I had to deal with lease stuff for Scav, and the my group has a visitor so that took up the following four hours. Meanwhile, my crutches were having issues so I had to get some stuff to make them not slip out from under me. Just absolutely hectic. Now to pack for Scav. And do work. And be at work early tomorrow. Ugh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm not alone!

I have already started to hear that some of you will actually read this. Excellent. Does anybody know of a way to merge together comments left on a blog like this and comments left on Facebook about these blog posts?

Inaugural Posting

I have no more time. But I want to stay in touch with people. So here's the deal. I will start writing about me and I assume you care about me enough to read this. You read this, you'll know what's going on (provided you know some of the code so you can decipher what I write - boo cyberstalking).

Regardless, for those of you who know or do not know, I broke my leg on my Golden Birthday just over two months ago. After surgery and recovering from the painkillers, I still hobble around. I went to the office for the first time today - I thought that this would be wonderful. I could finally have the ability to concentrate better on my work. Well, my leg acted up a few times forcing me to prop my leg up on my desk. I also spoke with my advisor who gave me two not so great choices:
  • Work extra hours this summer to make up for lost time
  • Take the summer off in terms of getting paid but still keep working
Not thrilling. But, it looks like a way forward....